Sassy Salon Saturday – Movies

Movies That Moved You

Tired of solo streaming Saturday’s?  Why not swap them out for cuisine, company and conversation!

Come let us do the cooking and enjoy our salon sessions movies that we want everyone to see.  Our first salon evening will focus on movies that stuck in our heads.  What is that favourite film or film moment that really stopped you in your tracks?  Come share your favourite with us and find new things to add to your list of must watch movies old and new. When you book be sure to tell us what film you would like to add to the conversation!

Salon History


In 18th century France, salons were formal social gatherings driven by discussion, particularly around literature, politics and philosophy.


The salon is a gathering of people presented by an inspired host as an important place for exchanging ideas. It is a hub to educate and stimulate intellectual conversation on essential subjects of the day, including culture, science, the arts, literature and politics. Here at Outsider Tart we are making it FUN!


Cocktails at 7pm

Dinner served at 7.30pm

Let the conversation commence at 8pm


Date: Saturday 5th October 2024

Time: 7pm – 9pm-ish

Ticket Price: £20 (to include 1 drink and dinner)