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Outsider Tart Christmas Markets are here!

Ho-ho-ho you Christmas hooligans — it’s the Grinch!  Just kidding. But it is David, here to tell you that we’ve got three amazing Christmas markets and festive fun coming to you from The Outsider Tart this season.  King’s Cross Station Market December 14th – December 23rd, Wed – Fri, 12pm to 7pm Visit us at […]

Thanksgiving 2019

Wow, so we need a pick me up.  Thanksgiving, the time to come together and be thankful for the people who share our lives and make this crazy world a little more bearable. This year we need a good celebration. THANKSGIVING DINNER MENU 2019 Arrive for 7pm, Turkey time 7.30pm Nibbles Meringue-Baked Pecans cinnamon, nutmeg, brown […]

When they go low…

So, debate has changed. We all know that now. Brexit was the warning shot, and then there was Trump…the cheeto-coloured toddler currently President-ing our home country. Politics had been going that way in the States for a number of years, we didn’t see it creep into life here, our adopted home. So, CS9. Not a […]

July 4th Like It Was At The Beginning

So, 241 years ago, we Americans liberated ourselves from a rich, unaccountable, deluded ruler. Back home, it’s a huge holiday – just look how far we’ve come since July 4th 1776! Oh, wait…. Even so, and with the climate being equally ‘interesting’ in our adopted home, we still want to celebrate. So we’re doing it […]

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Our name is a play on the Outsider Art movement – artists who have no formal training but create art that they love and connect with. We can relate in terms of the food we make and love to share. We recently saw a fantastic exhibition by photographer Linda Lieberman – and we’re delighted to […]

Chocolate Season

If you gave anything up for Lent, there’s not long to go now. We’re getting some delicious Easter themed treats together – including our Resurrection Cinnamon Puffs – each comes with its own baby Jesus inside (bit of an Easter Christmas mashup). We’ll be open over all of the long weekend, what could be nicer […]

Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

Nom, nom, nom. All holidays are great, and many holidays centre around food, but one which centres around pancakes has to be pretty close to the top. For Pancake Day our menu features some savoury goodness – Ham & Cheese and Sweet Potato & Truffle – some classic sugary delights – Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate […]

Turkey Time In Approaches!

So we went and voted for the turkey. And, in another surprising turn of events, the turkey due to be pardoned by our outgoing President, has declined the offer and decided he’d rather go out on a high. Like us, lots of you may not be feeling much like celebrating. But, as we said before, […]

It Is Time To Give Thanks

November is a big deal in America. We pardon a turkey. This year, we’re also hoping we don’t elect one. By the time we all get together to celebrate Thanksgiving, we’ll know the outcome. Madam President or “My accent? No, I’m actually Canadian.” Politics aside, most of us have a lot to be thankful for. Family […]

Love Thy Neighbour

This summer was a roller coaster. With all this talk of wall-building, conscious un-couplings, snapchat revelations and now Brangelina, it would be easy to be a little glum going into the fall. Chatting to our neighbours, the lovely people at Sipsmith, we decided to get together and hold a party to celebrate our fantastic neighbourhood and hopefully […]