Snap Election Whiplash

Snap Election Whiplash Image

Ok, we know that we’re in no position to judge right now, but – wow! You guys are having another national vote? Aren’t you a bit tired of all the campaigning, election broadcasts and poll stations in the rain? To be fair, our confusion could be wishful thinking… our ‘fixed term’ election process is more unmovable than yours. We passed the 100 day milestone last month, and it definitely felt longer.

We don’t stock Pepsi (or Coke) which could be a folly as it turns out world peace and political cohesion can be attained with the psssssttt from a bottle of artificially flavoured carbonated beverage. No, really.

Seriously though, we do think that in these times of increasing divisions, things that bring us together are good. That was the thinking behind our Love thy Neighbour event. So we’re excited about the Great Get Together (16th – 18th June) in memory of Jo Cox. The idea is to have a street party, get together, whatever really, to demonstrate that there is more that unites us than that which divides us. We hope you’re planning an event with your friends, neighbours, family, sewing circle, chess club etc. We’re going to make a special cake – Chocolate Cherry Cox – with all proceeds going to the Jo Cox Foundation. So you can turn up with the best tasting treats to the party – we won’t tell anyone you didn’t bake it.