Outsider Tart Christmas Markets are here!


Ho-ho-ho you Christmas hooligans — it’s the Grinch! 

Just kidding. But it is David, here to tell you that we’ve got three amazing Christmas markets and festive fun coming to you from The Outsider Tart this season. 

King’s Cross Station Market December 14th – December 23rd, Wed – Fri, 12pm to 7pm

Visit us at the Real Food Festival at King’s Cross station for the best of Outsider Tart on the go (and a well-deserved naughty treat after doing all that xmas shopping).

You can find us right across the Pret once you leave the station. Can’t miss us.  

For more information visit: https://www.realfoodfestival.co.uk/

Canopy Market: Nov 30th – Dec 23rd, Fri & Sat, 12pm to 6pm

Closeby you’ll also find us at Canopy Market.

Unbiasedly speaking, it’s a great place to spend a Sunday. But biasedly speaking, we’re packed with festive treats here too. 

For more information visit: https://www.kingscross.co.uk/event/canopy-christmas-market

Euston Station Christmas Market December 21st-December 23rd 

And don’t forget Euston! For a very limited time you’ll find us decking out the holiday spirit here (just prepare your sweet tooth). 

For more information visit: https://outsidertart.wpengine.com/

Map of Outsider Tart Christmas Markets 

See you soon and happy holidays!